Rise of Call center Industry in Pakistan – Not a Myth Anymore

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We are moving towards a globalized economy rapidly. Due to the enhancing speed of this digitized world, more and more organizations are going for outsourced call centers. The main purpose is to provide excellent customer service along with building healthy and professional relationships with the customers. Slowly and steadily, Pakistan has also joined this exceptional business world. Many call centers are been successfully established and operating within Pakistan.

The current era is the era of information technology and with this dawn of information technology in Pakistan, many businesses have established their call centers here. The call center industry in Pakistan is not as competitive as it is in India but we are slowly getting there. It has taken some time to get the industry stable in Pakistan but it is now rising at a very constant speed.

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A report was released back in 2005 by Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). According to the stats of that report, there were more than 110 call centers which employed even more than 2300 agents. The total business succeeded in establishing consolidated revenue of more than $50 million. There are always certain factors which boost up the call center industry.

One of the factors which count for setting up the business on its feet is the strong orientation between the players. Pakistan has been blessed with a unique geographical location. Due to this, many of the organizations have outsourced their business to Pakistan in the form of call center.

And Here’s What’s Needed for the Best Results

The agents working in this industry need to be quite vigilant and must be able to offer their services round-the-clock. A positive policy environment should be implemented in every call center for the rapid growth and business improvement.

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Government of Pakistan has given quite an initial boost to this industry. It has been providing amazing incentives for this sector. The cost of bandwidth has also dropped over some past years. These steps are truly taken to support this productive initiative in Pakistan. International markets have now started to Pakistan as a business hub for call centers. Many of the multinational organizations have already established their call centers now in Pakistan.

The rise of call center industry in Pakistan is progressive. Universities in Pakistan have successfully passed out many IT engineers and system programmers. They are now working in their respective field in the call centers. Sales, networking and business development are the key disciplines which they are practicing.

Employment Opportunities

The change in the lifestyle of the people has been observed massively. The reason of rise of call center industry in Pakistan is flexibility. They operate in both morning and evening shifts. This is an added advantage for both the professionals and the students. For the people pursuing a practical life, morning shift is always considerable. The students who want to earn and study are been observed working in evening shifts.

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Apart from rise of call center industry in Pakistan, this has given employment to many citizens. Equal employment opportunities are provided for genders. The telecom center in Pakistan is also boosted many folds because of rise of call center industry in Pakistan. This can be observed using the comparative analysis. The IT and telecom industry’s presence in Pakistan was almost negligible. The current era exhibits the rule of modern technology. Pakistan has caught its pace to progress in this digital world eventually causing the advancement of IT and telecom sector. The rise of call center industry in Pakistan has provided it initial boost and now they are in their advancing stages.

The rise of call center industry in Pakistan is a moment of gratitude for the government, PSEB and related industries. They have helped us flourish and Pakistan prosper in the best of ways they could. At the end, it all comes down to one question. What could even be done more to promote the rise of call center industry in Pakistan? Think about it.

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